Advanced characterization of aluminum alloys: This symposium will provide a venue for presentations regarding the use of advanced characterization techniques in all aspects related to aluminum development and processing. Techniques include but are not limited to microscopy, spectroscopy, and diffraction.
Chair: Raynald Gauvin, McGill University

Aluminum casting and solidification: This symposium welcomes contributions regarding solidification processing, microstructure evolution during solidification, and novel casting and molding technologies. Works ranging from theoretical to experimental investigations will be presented.
Chairs: Kumar Sadayappan, Natural Resources Canada
Franco Chiesa, Centre de métallurgie du Québec
Mihriban Pekguleryuz, McGill University

Corrosion and surfaces: The symposium serves as a platform for researchers to showcase their innovative solutions for global corrosion issues applied to aluminum alloys and their surfaces. Presentations discussing the different types of corrosion are welcome including atmospheric, uniform, galvanic, crevice, pitting deposition, intergranular, exfoliation, erosion, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, filiform, and microbiological induced corrosion. 
 Chairs: Sofiene Amira, Joey Kish

Deformation behaviour and formability: The symposium will focus on all aspects of deformation and formability of aluminum alloys. This will includes but is not limited to research linking physical and mechanical metallurgy of aluminum alloys to deformation behavior and formability, as well as understanding the effect of alloy composition and processing history on this behavior.
Chairs: Brad Diak, Julie Levesque

Joining of Advanced Al Alloys: This symposium will focus on innovative solid-state or liquid-state processes to join and bond aluminum alloys, the emerging relationships between the joining parameters and the resulting microstructure and mechanical properties. Industrial adoption of advanced joining processes is also included.
Chairs: Tan Pham, Priti Wanjara, Adrian Gerlich

Juergen Hirsch Honorary Symposium: This symposium in honor of Juergen Hirsch will discuss recent developments in the thermomechanical processing of aluminum alloys. The contributions of Juergen Hirsch will be highlighted and the current status and recent advances in relevant research areas will be discussed.
Chair: Olaf Engler

Mechanical properties of advanced aluminum alloys: The symposium covers all relationhips between physical and mechanical metallurgy of aluminum alloys, and their links with the processing methods. Discussion including but not limited to tensile, fatigue, impact, fracture toughness, creep and ultimately product development testing, will provide guidance towards utilization of aluminum transportation, packaging, and other key product applications.
Chairs: Myriam Brochu, Warren Poole

Modelling and simulation: This symposium will cover aspects across all areas of modeling and simulation both in terms of theoretical approaches to practical industrial simulations. This symposium will address integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) tools and techniques and their integration, as well as to examine their application to aluminum processing.
Chairs: In-Ho Jung, Augustin Gakwaya, Kaan Inal

New directions in manufacturing and alloy design: This symposium will provide an international forum to explore novel research directions that are currently being studied to look at alternative ways to manufacture aluminum. It will also explore the design of new alloys, including the production of clad or laminate products, additive manufacturing, and the use of aluminum both in terms of manufacturing and alloy design for manufacturing.
Chairs: Aude Simar, Matthieu Rauch, Shae Kim,
Joophil Choi

Phase transformations: This symposium will provide an international forum for experimentalists and theoreticians working in the field of solid-state phase transformations of aluminum alloys. Participants will describe new theories to explains the complex interactions between aluminum and the solutes during heat treatments and processing.
Chair: Alexis Deschamps

Sustainability in design and recycling: The importance of the design to the end-of-life closed loop involving design, sustainable usage, recycling, waste reduction, and resource management to society and industry is a very important topic for society and industry. For aluminum alloys, accumulation of impurities in In this looping may provide a significant compositional barrier to the sustainability goals. The objective of this symposium is to discuss innovative ideas and streams to change our current behaviors.
Chairs: Alain Desrochers, Mario Fafard

Thermomechanical processing of advanced Al alloys: This symposium welcomes articles covering high-temperature deformation, texture, and formability of of aluminum alloys. Topics include reviews on thermomechanical processing of aluminum alloys, dynamic recrystallization, and transformation textures. Targeted high-temperature processes are rolling, extrusion, and forging.
Chair: Grant Chen